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Internet is so good right now

Things lately have been a huge learning lesson and I’ve had time to reflect on recent events so here’s a post about that.


I write these in a rushed format with whatever is on my mind at the moment


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Making websites became a way of extending my need to learn. The internet was always growing and changing so fat that new skills were needed all the time. My first dealing with the internet were realising that musicians were making serious international moves by connecting across the world.


Quickly I became deeply excited about the possibilities of having a webspace. A place to showcase creative work such as music.


The early problem was that building a fancy website costs lots and I was working full time. Luckily I got given an old office PC and a friend gave me a modem card to connect to the phoneline.


Wow huge phone bills followed as the slow dial up internet opened my horizons so widely I knew things would never be the same.

Okay enough nostalgia and retrospect, I’m sure to do this again sometime as I get older but right now I’m all about the future and the possibilities the internet offers.


A good friend recently wrote and published a book of philosophy for young minds.

This is the internet of the now.


Musicians create and share music within minutes of making the final save.


Filmmakers have access to large online storage instantly with superfast broadband


Internet is so good right now

I’m having a time of transition again as I personally embrace the changes that are being offered but I know that the internet is going to be a major part of that. This new future is not about sitting at a desk typing code or text but a very mobile and on the go future.


Hope you join me along the journey 🙂


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