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First post of 2017

With it being almost 2 years since I’ve written a proper blog post I thought now was a good time to make an update.
Lots happened in 2016.
Due to some technical difficulties, I couldn’t update this blog so most of it went undocumented.
The biggest for me was releasing my first book Survival Tips For An MC: No Mucking About! Which is a collection of work that I’d gathered together after writing on this website. I’ve had some nice feedback and felt satisfied that it can actually help MC’s.
Survival Tips For An MC: No Mucking About!
I did a fair bit of travelling and a few shows but nothing crazy just good times with friends. There’s some videos on YouTube and mixes on Soundcloud from these sessions.
Worked on a few website projects and learnt a lot from these experiences. I’m looking forward to getting involved some more with this new media stuff in the future.
Had good responses to a podcast series I did for a music website, which I hope to continue. Also some support for my own Rod Azlan Show. There’s no dates set for any of these but it will be sometime in 2017.
Won a huge bet with my friend about the US elections. I won but the afterglow wasn’t that great as lots of people were sad.
Going into 2017 most of my focus is building on the good stuff that’s around me. Several projects for websites and other online media.
Okay hope you have a great year and catch up soon
Twitter is usually where I hang out most days @RodAzlan
Keep Pushing The Good Vibes
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