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Rod Azlan Charity Bike Training – Update 2

Yes, I started training so I could be fit enough for a Charity bike ride but now I’m starting to think ahead. Things have been going quite well lately with the bike ride training, had a few long rides and numerous short ones.

I’ve been very excited to see a massive change in my own outlook and what I can achieve since starting this mission.

I’m training for a Charity Bike Ride.
I’m riding for Prostate Cancer UK

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Here’s my latest ride activity


I did a benchmark ride a few ago to really test my fitness and overall well being. I rode 40 miles on the hottest day. I was totally unprepared, like really badly. Long Distance riding really does take a different mindset from short track racing. Being fit and fueled is an ongoing thing. So when I got back I had to rest for a few days and was badly dehydrated. Even though I took plenty of water my body sweated so much that I lost a lot of nutrients and fluids. So massive lesson learned

Update at the end of July – The ongoing rides have been going super good. I’ve managed a 25+, 60+ miles and find a local 6 mile trip can be a nice wind down after a big ride.

My food has massively changed too, with packing in plenty of fibre and long term energy foods, also learning how to eat while riding. The riding when eating thing for me is totally new and the power of a cheeky banana after 2 hours riding cannot be underestimated. I’ve also become very used to drinking before I get thirsty. I’ll take small sips about every 20 minutes and big drips at stops. Being dehydrated is one of the strangest pains I’ve felt as parts of your body will literally start shutting down to compensate.

I’m not a total fitness guy and really enjoy the rides for the sightseeing adventures. The biggest bonus of riding a bike on cycle routes are all the places you can’t see from a car or train. There are some beautiful areas just down the cycle route. I’ll post some up dates from adventures in the next few posts.


Hope your day is going great


Keep Pushing The Good Vibes


Rod Azlan - Charity Bike Ride - London To Brighton 2017

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