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Quest For Chill

quest for chill


Explaining your creative process is boring


In my opinion, should be totally reserved for eager ears, never just naysayers


After one of my now fewer rants on social media, a small piece of gold settled to the bottom of the threads. A tiny lump barely visible to those naysayers. Those that would happily dose up and forget about the creative mind but to the keen eye, a process was in place.


I’ve ranted loads of times but recently, at the time of writing, I’ve been living pretty healthy. Not just eating better but riding the bike loads with 100 mile weeks easy. So I’ve come to actually look forward to my little freedom time. Selfishly vented.


As all quality rants recounting painful memories is usual. On this occasion, though I talked about motivations and tried to be helpful. Ranting but encouraging. A running thread was the need to relax or CHILL. At some time I said Quest For Chill or at least thought it


Quest For Chill. Yeah, I liked it, could be a great title for a book or at least a chapter. Changed my Profile accordingly


If I’m going to have awesome adventures and write about it, make videos and blog then should have an awesome title. Amateur I know but that’s the beauty of the creative process. Do whatever you want, it’s only the internet.


Feels weird to be talking about ranting and having awesome ideas but it’s true. I’m not proud of it or want to promote this behaviour but it’s been a part of my life too much. Had plenty of chilled days but the boredom has got to me loads. I also know there are loads of others like me. We have a small unofficial group, mutually supportive of Mega Rants. Sometimes we totally have different opinions of stuff but really feels like there’s no judgment. Well, it does to me. LOL


Sorry for the LOL but it really needed it there.


Being a super fit Pro Cyclist was never on my Horizon. I just wanted to have fun and travel. Having a rant shouldn’t be a problem after a hard ride. The mega rants are down to one every few weeks atm. I’m looking forward to having only 1 a year.


This bit of writing might not even make it to the book as I just wanted to get quest for chill out and onto the internet. Did a Google search and nothing came up so this would be the only article about it? Might be scrappy and it’s very rushed but it’s published


The working title for this new motivational book. Quest For Chill

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