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How To Earn Free Bitcoin with AnonGPT

This is a post about AnonGPT


So I’m really new to this whole Cryptocurrency thing. Yes, I’ve heard of Bitcoin and have been watching since 2012 but there’s a whole load of other stuff happening.


There seems to be a new Cryptocurrency every single week with new coins popping up everywhere.


Today I found a brand new site called which is a GET PAID TO type of site that offers its own AnonoCoins for tasks such as watching videos. Users can store Anoncoins on the site or redeem them into Bitcoin. It’s such a new website that I was 170th to sign up.


Already I’ve made $0.50 in AnonoCoins.

It feels pretty exciting to be at the very start of something.



To earn Anoncoins you need to link your account with a GPT site, at the moment only EngageMe.TV or VideoLab are partnered.


Then watch videos or play games as per the site instructions to earn your Anonocoins. Currently watch 3 ads to earn 1 AnonoCoin, which can take around 5 minutes to complete.


Once a coin has been earned then it’s instantly credited into your account.


The current exchange rate (10/04/17) for AnonoCoin/Bitcoin is 0.00000119 AC/BTC but this is due to rise as more users gather. It’s a simple way make some Bitcoin, just watch some videos/ads and get paid.


If you want to buy or sell normal Bitcoin (the big one that started it all) check out Coinbase to open up a wallet. It’s one of the most used.


The world is changing super fast and the old ways are becoming distant memories


Anyway, I thought I would make this post to be helpful. Hope it helps you 🙂


earn free bitcoin

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