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Musicoin Crypto streaming Soundcloud Alternative

One of the things I love to do when online is to find new stuff and I’m really quite pumped about this latest find. It’s a Blockchain based music streaming website that pays Musicians for every play via its own Cryptocurrency Musicoin  $MUSIC
The project has been running for a few months now for the music community.


Now I’ll try to explain in my basic understanding

  1. Sign up for Musicoin
  2. Upload your Track to the website
  3. Share your tracks on social media
  4. Get paid 1 Musicoin per play

(make sure you own all the rights to your uploads)

You can make splits easily during the process, for example

Drummer = 1 share, Singer = 1 share, etc

Every time someone listens to your music a payment is made via the Blockchain by Musicoin. The website holds a fund to pay musicians from Fees that are charged to Miners, who are the ones generating the coins. So 1 coin is released from the fund to pay the artist.

The Musicoin coins are being traded publicly on a few exchanges such as Bittrex and Cryptopia. This trading is showing value for the coin and is currently around 5 cents per coin. So, in theory, an Artist/Musician should be able to trade their coins for the current Dollar amount.

The price went from 1 cent to 5 cents per coin recently and that is a staggering amount for 1 play of a song.

How much does a YouTube view pay or even the mighty Spotify? Heck, even Soundcloud should have done this but they didn’t.

So I’m pretty glad I signed up for Musicoin as I’ve already received plays and coins. With lots of talk in the forum for additional changes for labels, I think this a project that will grow and grow.


Sign up for Musicoin here



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