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Grab your free vocal downloads here

Are you looking for free vocals to use for your productions? Want some sample clips to make tunes with?

If you have a killer tune you need some big vocals to go with that.

So here’s the deal.


Award Winning MC Rod Azlan has recorded a bunch of raw vocals and they’re available via email for producers and fans. It’s totally free and you can use them how you like (credit for the work and if released for sale copyright Rod Azlan please) 🙂


Do you want more free vocals sent to your email? A whole batch of rough and raw vocals sent direct to you. Just enter your email and get the vocals.

For exclusives please contact Rod

Cool here’s a few you can have them for free to download and keep.

Just enter your email, confirm email details (in your inbox) and get the free downloads sent to you.

This is a collection of raw vocals that are ready for your music. Recorded at various bpm’s so you can arrange them how you like.

The newest vocals are sent out to email subscribers so you’ll always have new vocals.

Are you looking for exclusive DJ Drops and Mixtape hosting? For exclusives please contact Rod


Here’s a track that featured Rod Azlan



Free Vocals

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